Monday, September 28, 2009

My boys are getting so big!

Boy, they're a handful!!! This was after my birthday cake-
Simon definitely had his share on his face!

Lukas enjoying his blanket from Grandma Miller! Thanks again, Mom, for making this.

Gotta love the Bumbo

It is way past time to post some pictures! I can't believe how big my guys are getting and how much fun we're having this fall. Simon has become such an amazing big brother and is always ready to help and play with Lukas by showing him toys. Lukas is always ready with an "ah-goo" and a quick smile. It's also amazing to me that already, at 5 months, he ADORES his big brother. He watches Simon play and genuinely seems thrilled with his brother.

His acid reflux has also become much more manageable. I'm not sure if he's growing out of it or if it's the change we've made to him now taking formula after 5 months of fighting with nursing. He is overall happier and a huge eater and doesn't spend as many hours crying or screaming from reflux. That alone makes me so happy, although I mourn not being able to nurse anymore... I guess my big guy was just ready to move on!

As for Simon, we're laughing our heads off at some of the things Simon says these days... such as "Fish no drive trucks, fish no have hands" or when we say "Simon, when you're a bigger boy you can go to camp for a week, or go to school, etc...." He replies by saying, "I'm a bigger boy now"! So true, but I'm not ready for him to go to camp just yet (or school for that matter)!

Also- we had a very successful day (today) with potty training- so wish us continued success! I'll keep ya posted!
Makin' pizza! He loves making his own and eating a "Simon sized pizza". He's such a good helper in the kitchen and loves helping me unpack groceries after shopping.

Who ya lookin' at?!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Life these days...

I don't know where the last few weeks have gone. I do know though, that every time I intend to post- something comes up. So, I'll do a quick summary of some highlights of the last weeks.

1) We attended a Celtic Woman concert the end of June to celebrate our 9th year anniversary. It was an incredible getaway. 3 hours free of any responsibilities was the first remembrance of life without kids that I've had in a year! The music was great and the venue at Red Rocks was awesome. This was the perfect date. Thanks Brad and Jessica, for taking the kids!

2) Hardwood floors are halfway done. It took us 3 weeks but we plodded along and finished 800 sq. feet. of space. We did our master bedroom and our family room and then decided we'll complete the rest (800 more sq. ft.) at a later date. We are, however, doing some light demo in our Master Bedroom and will be repainting it and redesigning it. Check back in a few weeks for some pics!

3) Family came to visit us early July and we had 3 full days of fun, cooking, picnicking and resting. Janet and Karin even made 5 lasagna and chicken enchilada dishes for us to freeze so I've got some easy meals coming. Lukas and Simon also got lots of cuddle time in with Grammy so we feel very lucky to have had them visit.

4) Lukas was diagnosed with Acid Reflux. This isn't a highlight- but at least gives me insight as to why feedings have been so hard. The medication that he's been on (Zantac) works better some days than others. We're still taking this one day at a time and are sad that he's in pain and is so fussy so often. His cuteness and his charming smiles help to make up for it though... Pray for us in this area and pray that he grows out of this stage soon....Acid Reflux can take 6 months to grow out of, so I need lots of prayer!

5) We went camping in Frisco last weekend with Brad and Jessica and had a great time. We intended to stay 2 nights, but left early on the second day b/c we wanted to have good camping memories and feared the second night would tamper with that. If you're friends with Perry on Facebook, definitely check out the pics of Simon playing in the dirt. He looked like a character from Lord of the Flies!

6) Lots of family time. We've been working on the house a lot- but have also had a lot of family time which I don't take for granted. It's been phenomenal to have Perry around this summer and have help while I get used to 2 kids.

7) A highlight for me personally is the idea I've developed for a design blog which will allow me an outlet for all my ideas and inspirations. Keep posted for the link and all the ideas that have been churning around in my head the last months....

Life is good- yes it's busy and many times, exhausting, but I feel blessed and enriched by my kids and husband. So- we'll keep plodding along!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Perry.

Why I love Daddy (more or less in Simon's words):
-He plays with me.
-He shares the computer with me.
-He's fun
-He makes cookies with me!

I agree! And on to some of the many reasons why I've got the best husband and father to my kids:
-We balance each other out
-He listens to me and supports me unfailingly
-He makes me laugh
-He loves us and would do anything for our family of four!
We went to the Cherry Creek Reservoir for Father's Day and had a blast.
Enjoying the marina and shoreline. Simon spent the entire time throwing rocks into the water.
It's become a tradition to enjoy a fresh strawberry pie on Father's day.
Simon wanted (but didn't get) two pieces!

Busy Days

Where does all my time in a day go? I start most days by making a list of what I'd like to accomplish. My list usually consists of something like this..

-Normal household chores like dishes or laundry or paying bills
-Then, since I'm a creative person, I like to throw in a little project on the side such as, 'send out remaining birth announcements' or 'transfer flowers into flower pots'.
- I might even try to do something extra such as 'hem shorts' or 'pack up boxes to be donated'.
-Apparently I need to include 'sleep' and 'eat' because it seems these don't always happen.
-And then there's the ever present home improvement section that includes major items like 'door framing in our bedroom' and 'hardwood floors'. All of which we're doing b/c we're cheap and don't want to pay anyone to do the work!

I'm learning to be patient, when, at the end of the day my plants are drying out and left unplanted, I'm still running around in unhemmed shorts and Simon still hasn't had the bath he so desperately needs. I have to remind myself (sometimes hourly) that right now my day consists of about 10 hours of nursing, pumping, and bottle feeding. It's driving me quite crazy, I believe.

And yet, these are the memoirs of any mom out there and that alone, brings me consolation. So in the meantime, despite the home improvements (hardwood floors being installed)and projects left undone (so many I can't even list), I'm determined to enjoy each day and what it brings.

So, here are some pics- mostly to prove to myself that we still are having fun, in the midst all the busy days.
P.S- Thanks so much to all of you who responded to my plea for comments. You've me encouraged me in my blogging quest!
Lukas is a big boy- 9 lbs, 8oz. and looking very much like his daddy!
Gotta love Rice Crispie Treats!
Gotta love the nightcaps- Mudslides and the bottle of milk!
The occasional stroll- fresh air does wonders!

Family Pictures

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lukas has been home for 2 weeks!

My head is swimming from sleep exhaustion- but it's all worth it, because Lukas is home and we're all together as a family. It's been a pretty easy transition, thanks to many friends who have brought us meals and visited me to keep me sane with adult interaction! Simon has even handled it very well and is very affectionate towards Lukas, although he runs to me with a worried expression when Lukas cries loudly. He also thinks Lukas sounds like a sheep b/c he makes so many little grunts and grumbles.

Perry has also been a huge help despite pulling crazy hours with these finals weeks. He's been up most nights until 1am or later, in order to get his work done. We feel like roommates- seeing each other in passing, but know it will be much more calm this Wednesday once he's done with his DU Spring Quarter. Bring it on!

We're also looking forward to summer (starting June 10) where we can finally slow down and enjoy family time. Enjoy the pics!

Also- if you have a chance- leave a comment so I know that we've got people reading this. With our Facebook accounts and photos posted there, I'm tempted to not use the blog unless I know we've got readers. Not to guilt you into posting a comment, but I'd love to know that this blog is worth my time or I'm likely not to do it.... Any one want to encourage me in blogging?
Daddy cuddle time

Mom and her boys! I LOVE it!
I think this watermelon is bigger than Simon!
First bath at home.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Lukas is 6 lbs!!!!

Our little guy is getting so big. Yesterday he weighed in at 6 lbs and today gained 2 more ounces! We couldn't be more thrilled with his steady weight gain and the prospect of him coming home by Monday, May 18! We spoke with our doc yesterday and requested that the gavage tube be removed and asked if he could, in turn, be bottle fed for every meal. So far, he's done fabulously with the change and is eating like a champ and nursing for me twice a day.

If this continues, we'll all be at home very soon! Please pray for continued success with taking a bottle every time and continued weight gain while in the hospital.

Weighing in at 6 lbs, 2 oz. Yeah!
4 days worth of milk- also weighing in at 6 lbs! HA HA! This really is very crazy, to be making 6 oz. at every feeding/pumping. All I can say is that Lukas better get VERY hungry VERY soon! Actually, this will store nicely in the deep freeze and be backup milk for us. I'd also like to donate some of it for other NICU babies who aren't able to get
milk from their mommas.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fun at the Zoo

Last Monday I needed to feel like life was somewhat normal so I planned a trip to the zoo after our visit to the hospital. My mom realized she hadn't been to the zoo for at least 20 years, so it was long overdue! We had a great time and Simon tried his first bite of cotton candy. At first he didn't think he liked it- it's like cotton afterall, but shortly caught on to the craze and now asks for it daily. HA HA!

Our Family of Four

I thought I'd take advantage of a free moment and try to update you all as to what's happening with Lukas. He's what they call a "grower" and has no issues except that he's too "immature" to bottle feed for every meal- which is 8 times a day. For the past two days though he has been able to finish the whole bottle 6 out of 8 feedings, so he's getting better at it. I just wish they would let me take bring him home b/c I sometimes feel that the nurses are too busy and gavage him (use the tube to put the milk into his tummy) instead of taking the time to bottle feed him.

He's also gaining weight well and is 5 lbs. 14 oz.- so he'll easily be 6 lbs when he finally comes home.....maybe this weekend.... I can only hope! Although I'll be exhausted in a different way, when he comes home, it sure will simplify my life in terms of not having to line up childcare for Simon and I won't have to be leaving the house to get to the hospital- navigating through rush hour traffic. All this is taking it's toll on me. Luckily, friends from MOPS are helping with food and childcare- a huge help since Perry has class 3 nights a week and is stressed with finals right now.

Crazy times for sure! We've got the strength to take it one day at a time right now, but also know that we'll be ready for June 10 when Perry is finished with his DU spring quarter and his school year. Then we can have some much needed family time! YEAH!

All in all though, we feel so fortunate for how everything has worked out, despite Lukas' early arrival. He's a real trooper and is strong and healthy- thank God. Also- my mom was a lifesaver and got on the train as soon as Lukas was born and was able to help with Simon for two weeks. It was wonderful to not have to worry about him at all AND know that my mom was taking charge of the house as she finished up some projects I hadn't been able to get to! Thanks again, Mom! Words cannot express our gratitude for all your love and work!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Simon loves to draw

We've been collecting some of Simon's drawing from the past months. Eventually I'd like to frame some of them- because he's such a great artist. I thought I'd share some of our favorites...
He has been drawing cars since January- this one has "a tail".
He brought this one to me this morning on his Magnadoodle
and told me it was a "Chicken and Cookie"! Love it!

Simon calls this one "Fish" but it looks like one of them is
a car. The other drawings do look like fish though.