Friday, July 24, 2009

Life these days...

I don't know where the last few weeks have gone. I do know though, that every time I intend to post- something comes up. So, I'll do a quick summary of some highlights of the last weeks.

1) We attended a Celtic Woman concert the end of June to celebrate our 9th year anniversary. It was an incredible getaway. 3 hours free of any responsibilities was the first remembrance of life without kids that I've had in a year! The music was great and the venue at Red Rocks was awesome. This was the perfect date. Thanks Brad and Jessica, for taking the kids!

2) Hardwood floors are halfway done. It took us 3 weeks but we plodded along and finished 800 sq. feet. of space. We did our master bedroom and our family room and then decided we'll complete the rest (800 more sq. ft.) at a later date. We are, however, doing some light demo in our Master Bedroom and will be repainting it and redesigning it. Check back in a few weeks for some pics!

3) Family came to visit us early July and we had 3 full days of fun, cooking, picnicking and resting. Janet and Karin even made 5 lasagna and chicken enchilada dishes for us to freeze so I've got some easy meals coming. Lukas and Simon also got lots of cuddle time in with Grammy so we feel very lucky to have had them visit.

4) Lukas was diagnosed with Acid Reflux. This isn't a highlight- but at least gives me insight as to why feedings have been so hard. The medication that he's been on (Zantac) works better some days than others. We're still taking this one day at a time and are sad that he's in pain and is so fussy so often. His cuteness and his charming smiles help to make up for it though... Pray for us in this area and pray that he grows out of this stage soon....Acid Reflux can take 6 months to grow out of, so I need lots of prayer!

5) We went camping in Frisco last weekend with Brad and Jessica and had a great time. We intended to stay 2 nights, but left early on the second day b/c we wanted to have good camping memories and feared the second night would tamper with that. If you're friends with Perry on Facebook, definitely check out the pics of Simon playing in the dirt. He looked like a character from Lord of the Flies!

6) Lots of family time. We've been working on the house a lot- but have also had a lot of family time which I don't take for granted. It's been phenomenal to have Perry around this summer and have help while I get used to 2 kids.

7) A highlight for me personally is the idea I've developed for a design blog which will allow me an outlet for all my ideas and inspirations. Keep posted for the link and all the ideas that have been churning around in my head the last months....

Life is good- yes it's busy and many times, exhausting, but I feel blessed and enriched by my kids and husband. So- we'll keep plodding along!


Marika said...

Yeah! I'm excited about your new blog! Also, Shera's little girl, Bradynn has had very serious reflux since she was born. She was even on oxygen for a while. You should check out her blog for her stories (right around the middle of April is when they start).

Hope to see you soon! Until then, I love the blog updates!

Amy said...

I was just catching up with you via your blog. Your floors are impressive! They look really nice. Very sorry to hear about Lukas's reflux. Funny how easy your milk was for Gilead, isn't it? He's doing so well - seems to have adjust completely to the formula and weighs over 10 pounds. Are you planning on the NICU picnic? Guess I should have asked you that on facebook since I know you can't answer here.

justin, jessica, benjamin and philip said...

Becca! So, you'll have to upgrade Simon to a booster soon. Let me tell you from experience people look at you funny when you ask for two highchairs at a restaurant! ;)

Liz said...

Thinking of you Becca!! Sounds like summer has been full and pretty enjoyable. Sorry to hear about Lukas. I'll keep him and you and Perry in my thoughts and prayers! Hopefully it will pass fast! Your wood floors look beautiful!! Take Care!

The Moser Family said...

missed you this summer in Iowa. your family sounds like a lot of fun and hard work - with the good always winning out at the end of the day.
thanks for posting!

Laila said...

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