Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Perry.

Why I love Daddy (more or less in Simon's words):
-He plays with me.
-He shares the computer with me.
-He's fun
-He makes cookies with me!

I agree! And on to some of the many reasons why I've got the best husband and father to my kids:
-We balance each other out
-He listens to me and supports me unfailingly
-He makes me laugh
-He loves us and would do anything for our family of four!
We went to the Cherry Creek Reservoir for Father's Day and had a blast.
Enjoying the marina and shoreline. Simon spent the entire time throwing rocks into the water.
It's become a tradition to enjoy a fresh strawberry pie on Father's day.
Simon wanted (but didn't get) two pieces!

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The Moser Family said...

Happy Father's Day.

You have a newborn and you made a pie and even blogged to tell about it?... amazing.